Bronte's House

Emily Bronte’s Childhood Home is For Sale For $400,000. Buy It and Invite Me

Let me paint a picture for you. A picturesque 19th century Yorkshire house, not quite stone, not quite brick. Two stories, two bedrooms, two and a half baths. The first (ground) floor home to a quaint cafe rated as one of the top five restaurants in a small town of less than twenty thousand people. Smell of roast coffee in the air, a handful of people reading hardcover books. It sounds like paradise doesn’t it?


Now what if I told you it also happened to be the birthplace and home of the Bronte sisters and it could all be yours for the low price of £250,000 (about $338,000)!


Emily Bronte's House

Image via Apartment Therapy


Built in 1802 by John Ashworth, this charming house is currently owned by Marc and Michelle DeLuca, who have renovated the historic building since they purchased it as a repossession, though have been careful to keep plenty of period details from the Bronte’s time: multiple fireplaces, a wooden staircase, and stone slab flooring throughout what was the Bronte’s drawing room, now a sixteen-top dining room for the cafe (aptly named Emily’s). 


Bronte House Floorplan

Image via DeLuca Boutique


My parents have been passive aggressively whispering about “moving away” for the past year or two. When I sent my mother the listing for Emily Bronte’s childhood home I did not expect the extravagant and unnecessary eye roll I received. 


The house and cafe is located at 72-74 Market Street in Thornton, Yorkshire. Its former lives include a butcher shop, a museum of English classics, the home of the Bronte sisters until 1820, a popular cafe, and now your dream home


Featured image via Apartment Therapy.