Elton John’s Ex-Wife, Renate Blauel, Seeks £3m For Memoir and Film

Renate Blaeul, who appeared in Elton John’s recent memoir and biopic, is pursuing a lawsuit with John and his estate for a breach in privacy. The two were married for four years in the 1980’s and Blauel feels that the recent portrayals of their marriage are harmful to her privacy and health.

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Sound Engineer Renate Blauel who was married to singer Sir Elton John for four years, is currently seeking £3m in damages due to claims that the singer broke terms of their divorce deal with his memoir, Me, and biopic, Rocketman.

According to Blauel, the memoir and biopic revealed details about their marriage that broke an agreement they made in 1988. These details have triggered long-standing mental health problems.

In response, Sir Elton’s defense acknowledged the divorce deal, but expressed that they didn’t incur any breaches of contract nor cause Blauel any “psychological harm.”

Ms. Blauel appears very sparingly in the memoir and the movie, only appearing on eight pages and for about five minutes of screen-time. In the memoir, Sir Elton describes her in positive terms, remarking that Blauel is someone he “couldn’t fault in any way.”

However, Ms. Blauel felt that the memoir and biopic “seriously misrepresented the nature of their relationship” in several ways. One prominent one that Blauel’s team pointed out is the disparity between her and John’s desire to have a family. In the memoir, Sir Elton claimed that he ever wanted to have children, while Blauel claims otherwise.

According to Ms. Blauel’s lawyer, Yisrael Hiller, Blauel is particularly upset over the film’s portrayal of their marriage which implied that their marriage was a “sham.” Due to the disruptions in her life caused by the movie and memoir, Blauel wants the privacy that was originally promised to her.

More details will emerge as the case is seen in court.