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Elizabeth Banks Directs Margot Robbie in Feminist Fairy Tale Adaptation

These fairytale stories are as old as the dinosaurs: princess gets captured by fire-breathing dragon, prince fights dragon to save her, prince gets the girl, they ride off together on his trusty steed. It’s as classic as…PB&J, right? Well, we’re about to have a similar story that will have us cheering even louder.


'The Paper Bag Princess'

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The Paper Bag Princess in a 1980 children’s book that gives an absolutely fantastic twist on a classic tale. Princess Elizabeth is due to marry the perfect Prince Ronald until a fiery dragon kidnaps him and burns away her castle. Elizabeth is left with no clothes and a fiancé in distress. Being the resilient, strong woman that she is, she throws on a paper bag and sets off to save him. When she finally saves the prince, he bitches about her not looking enough like a princess. Really? She calls him out on his ungrateful attitude and dances off into the sunset…ON HER OWN. Yes, yes we like this. It’s won countless awards, sold ten million copies, and now we get a movie version.


'The Paper Bag Princess'

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It was recently announced that Elizabeth Banks and Margot Robbie will be working together to make this book come to life. Banks is due to direct it, which will be a nice return since her last film Pitch Perfect 2. We’re hoping Robbie will be able to play the starring role once scheduling and the script are finished. I love both of these women. Robbie is incredibly poised and Banks graduated magna cum laude, so obviously they couldn’t be a better fit.


The book, written by Robert Munsch and illustrated Michael Martchenko, has been praised by feminists and organizations alike with its message of empowerment and encouraging women to break the mold. May we all be badass princesses who don’t take any crap!


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