Elizabeth Acevedo’s Novel, ‘Clap When You Land,’ is Becoming a Series!

Elizabeth Acevedo’s novel, Clap When You Land, is one of the best books of 2020 and it’s soon becoming a television series! The novel was released in May of this year and it’s Acevedo’s third novel. Bruna Papandra’s Made Up Stories, have acquired the rights to the book. Made Up Stories produces stories with women taking center stage and, as Acevedo’s novel has two female protagonist of color, it’s the perfect home for this adaption.


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The story is about two teenage sister, Yahira and Camino, that know nothing of one another. However, they learn about the existence of their sibling after the death of their father, who was making his annual trip to visit Camino for the summer in the Dominican Republic when his plane crashed. Yahira lives with her mom in New York, and both girls are struggling with their grief and coming to terms with being sisters. It’s a powerful story about sisterhood, grief and family. The story is also based on the American Airlines Flight 587 that crashed in Queens, NY in 2001. The novel is dedicated to the victims of the crash, which is considered one of the deadliest aviations accidents in U.S History.
Acevedo’s first novel, The Poet X, is being adapted for Netflix, and the rights for her second novel, With the Fire on High, has been acquired by Picturestart for the big screen. Acevedo will be writing the screenplay for the film, and she will be writing the pilot for Clap When You Land. She will also be executive producer for the show.  Acevedo shared her excitement on her instagram last week, and I’m sure her fans are just as excited to see her amazing novels come to life on screen.
While we wait for these adaptions, make sure to read her books, right here.
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