Elena Ferrente

Elena Ferrante Is Back and We’re Expecting Something Amazing

It was about a year ago that Italian investigative journalist Claudio Gatti claimed he discovered the real name behind the penname that is Elena Ferrante. The author’s alleged real name, Anita Raja, is the writer of the Italian novel series My Brilliant Friend.


'My Brilliant Friend'

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The Neapolitan novels follow two best friends in post-war Italy during the 1950s. Together the two young girls, completely opposites, grow into strong women. From motherhood to families to hardships and leadership, their journeys intertwine into something human and beautiful. 


With their popular picturesque covers, these books quickly took on a huge following. So it’s understandable that when Gatti revealed Ferrante, people were upset that she might not return. To know her real name would be unveiling her to the public eye rather than be free of the “anxiety of notoriety.” But have no fear Ferrante fans!


Elena Ferrante

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Her publisher, Sandro Ferri, has announced that she is, indeed writing. “I know she is writing, but at the moment I cannot say anything more.” Let us all cross our fingers! Or as us Italians may say, incrociamo le dita! 


And in the meantime, keep an eye out for her TV-adapted series coming to HBO. May Elena come back to us.


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