Poe Estate

Edgar Allan Poe’s Family Estate Is Up For Sale and We Can’t Afford It

I love me some Edgar Allan Poe, always have and always will. So I never shoot down the chance to hear a little more about the dark and mysterious writer. Plus I’m a complete sucker for a beautiful mansion with a rich history. And it turns out that the old Poe estate was put up for sale last week!



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Although the American writer and literary critic was born in Boston, Massachusetts, his distant family spent some time in Maryland at their estate home built in 1927. The Poe family lived there for over seventy years, acting as the home for the writer’s great-great-great nephew Edgar Poe III. The “humble” abode resides in Owing Mills, Maryland and is absolutely breathtaking.


Edgar Allan Poe Estate

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Poe House

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Poe Table

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Now, according to Patch, it’s selling for a whopping $3.45 million with seven bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, and all the fine amenities that the Poe family didn’t even have. Like images of ravens painted on the breakfast room tiles; it’s all about the deets. Despite being on and off the market since 2009, we’d say this estate needs a little love. With 6,625 square feet of space, I’m sure you could dig up a few bucks to reside in the family home of one of the greatest writers of all time.



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