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Edgar Allan Poe’s Creepy Tales Spring to Life

Edgar Allan Poe’s life was, like, pretty weird. At twenty-six, he married his thirteen-year-old cousin (not cool), he was obsessed with cats (cool), he died in a state of confusion after being found running through the streets in a stranger’s clothing.  His whole existence was a bit bizarre from beginning to end. Well, the weirdity and strangeressness continues, because now, over 150 years later, there is an extravagant pop-up book based on his tale ‘The Raven.’ It is entitled Raven: A Pop-Up Book and it looks pretty nice. 



The detail in this book is incredible, and the video itself is so mesmerizing. It’s the perfect gift for any bookworm, Poe fan, Halloweenie, or, indeed, Halloweirdo you might know. You can get your copy here


edgar allan poe and raven

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Featured Image Via Best Pop-Up Books