Ed Sheeran with Arya Stark in Season 7 Premiere

Ed Sheeran’s Fate Revealed in ‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere

Game of Thrones has been known to have cameos from famous musicians, like Sugar Rós, and even famous baseball players, like Noah Syndergaard of the New York Mets. One cameo that is impossible for fans to forget is that of Ed Sheeran, who portrayed a Lannister soldier who has a run-in with Arya Stark on her way to King’s Landing. Most people who get in Arya’s way don’t live to try that again, but Ed never stops her on her trek, instead singing a song “Hands of Gold.”


Ed Sheeran performing

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Most of these cameos don’t reveal the fate of their characters, unless those characters die in the moment. Ed, however, got a shout out during last night’s premiere episode from everyone’s favorite sell-sword, Bronn. While surrounded by prostitutes trying to get his money’s worth, Bronn reveals to them the fate of poor Eddie: he had his face burned off by dragons, and he now lacks eye lids. The women are too preoccupied by the news of dragons and Ed’s fate to assist Bronn’s needs.

Ed’s original cameo lasted only a few minutes with a few lines of dialogue other than the song, but it was met with a mix of emotions. Some fans of the show and Ed loved it, but others believed his appearance detracted from the purity of the show. He was not the first famous musician to be featured in an episode, and he certainly wasn’t the last cameo, Syndergaard coming up just a few episodes later. Let’s not forget that even Bronn (Jerome Flynn) was a musician in the band Robson and Jerome before appearing in the hit series.



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What are your thoughts? Were you shocked to hear Ed’s fate? I think I am more shocked about what his fate ended up being than hearing his character’s name once again.

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