eBook original

I hope you have a Kindle if you are a fan of Kurt Vonnegut writing since his previously unpublished novella BASIC TRAINING was just released last Friday but it is only available as eBook and can be purchased only via Amazon. Rosetta Books, the publisher of this book, advertises itself as “The best of e-reading from an independent e-publisher” released it on Friday March 23,  2012. According to the literary executioners of Vonnegut’s estate Basic Training written in the 1940s under the pseudonym of  “Mark Harvey” clearly shows Vonnegut’s “trademark grand themes: the lunacy of kings, the improbability of existence, the yearling hero’s struggle with duty and love and the meaning of heroism.” This publishing event will no doubt restart a lot of discussion about only publishing in eBook format – yes it is great that we have access to so much more and so much faster, but what about those of us who still love the smell of a new, dare I say, paper book?