E.L. James Throws Jab into Rowling-Morgan Twitter Feud

Last week, we told you all about Piers Morgan’s and J.K. Rowling’s Twitter feud. That feud culminated in a legendary 32,567+ tweet thread, courtesy of Big Green Bookshop, an independent bookstore in North London, in which the shop tweeted the first Harry Potter installment sentence-by-sentence at the British television personality.

Non-automated. All by hand.

Never one to let the spotlight go  whether that spotlight is positive or otherwise  Morgan decided to tweet at E.L. James for a play-by-play of her infamous novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Because of course.

E.L. James’ quote of choice is, fittingly so, a line lifted right from the second Harry Potter installment when Gilderoy Lockhart and Harry have a conversation about Lockhart’s famed career. Fitting parallel to Morgan’s approach du jour.

Lord Sugar of NBC’s The Apprentice seemed to agree:

We’ll keep the popcorn popped for Morgan’s inevitable next response.

Featured image courtesy of Google Play.