E-books vs Physical Books: The Case for E-books

It’s become quite the debate among bookworms: Which is better, physical books or e-books? With e-book’s many features, here’s why you should give them a try.

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It’s become quite the debate among bookworms: Which is better, physical books or e-books? Ask most people and they’ll tell you they prefer physical books. And I can’t deny that holding a book in your hand and reading it just comes with a unique feeling that ebooks lack. But e-books have so much to offer, and their pros often get overlooked and dismissed because physical books are the “best” or “proper” way to read. So since it’s Read an E-book week, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate e-books.

There are so many reasons to enjoy e-books, and they have a lot to offer that physical books could never. Often they are cheaper than their physical counterparts because there are no shipping or manufacturing costs. And who doesn’t love being able to buy more books to read?

Without the need for paper, reading e-books is better for the environment, so you can feel good about that while you read. Those physical books also take up a lot of space, so if you don’t have that space where you live, e-books allow you to have an entire library with you as long as you have your phone or tablet. No more struggling to carry several physical books with you wherever you go.

E-books have features that allow users to change font size and page color to make reading easier and more accessible. Need to look up the meaning of the word? You can often do so without having to leave whatever app you are reading the book on. And you can always find your favorite quote or section with search features. Not to mention, you can highlight without fear of ruining the book.

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I used to be against reading e-books, but the past few years have changed my opinion, especially during this pandemic. E-books have been a great outlet and have been instrumental in helping me to keep reading. To be safe, I’ve started checking out books from my local library via e-book. It’s so easy, and I don’t have to worry about remembering to return them because once the loan has ended, I just lose access to the book. So, not only do I get to stay safe at home, I can enjoy all the books I want!

E-books may not be for everybody, but reading an e-book doesn’t make you less of a reader. Because, hey, you are reading, and that’s what matters. No matter how you enjoy the story, the point is that you are reading it. By buying or checking out e-books from your library, you support the author and what they’ve created.

I think everyone should give e-books a try. There are so many things to love about them that you can’t do with physical books. We live in a world where we are constantly on our devices, checking social media, and reading (like you are with this article) e-books are an extension of that. We shouldn’t judge people by how they read. Instead, we should come together because we all share a love for books and reading at the end of the day.

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