Dumpster Full of Books Infuriates Chicagoans

The sight of hundreds of classic novels in a dumpster enraged North Side Chicago residents on Monday, according to NBC 5 Chicago.

The books were lightly used.



When an anonymous resident posted a picture of the dumpster in a neighborhood Facebook group, the immediate and passionate response attracted media attention.

The dumpster, located outside of Chicago public school Senn High School, was filled with hundreds of copies of The Great Gatsby and Hiroshima, among other school-taught classics.


Via CBS 2 Chicago


The anonymous woman who first posted about the dumpster brought some of the books to the nearest library, according to CBS 2 Chicago.

Since the Senn High School library is undergoing renovations this summer, longtime residents assume that the books were dumped as a result of extensive weeding as the library updates its collections.

The dumpster was removed on Tuesday, a day after the news broke on social media.

A representative for Chicago Public Schools confirmed that the district has a policy for donating used books to libraries, but it was apparently not applied in this case.

The school district is investigating the incident.




Featured Image Via NBC.