Dumbledore Comics Prove He Would Make a Terrible Headmaster

Reading the books and watching the movies, Dumbledore is such a lovable character. He’s always there for Harry, he throws a banging banquet, and he’s chock full of the quiet wisdom that encourages his students through their never ending perilous adventures. But, stripping away the wands and spells and rad curriculum, looking at Dumbledore from a strictly academic perspective, his teaching methods are questionable at best. Tumblr artist, floccinaucinihilipilificationa, explores the rather, how shall we put this – lackadaisical – approach Dumbledore took with Harry and Hogwarts, making a comical jab at our favorite wizarding headmaster. 

Here’s a few of the artist’s best.

Apparently Hagrid wouldn’t be up to par on the educator evaluations either…

And my personal favorites…

You can check out the rest of floccinaucinihilipilificationa‘s comics on tumblr.


Featured image courtesy of Popsugar.