Drag Queen Story Hour Ignites Protests

Inside there are contentious city council meetings and ongoing lawsuits, online there are growing petitions, and outside there are protests on the streets and massively long police lines. But what was the spark that ignited this fire?

Well, an hour long story-time hour for kids. How awful.


Protests over story hour

Image Via Greeley Tribune

“Huh?” I hear you say, “Children should be read to!”

Yes, they should, but many are arguing that certain people shouldn’t be doing the reading.

In an effort to promote both a love of reading and also tolerance and acceptance, Drag Queen Story Hour was set up, during which Drag Queens sit down and read books to children.

That’s it.


Drag Queen Story Hour

Image Via The Coloradoan

They have thirty-five chapters nation wide and their performers undergo training and background checks before stepping foot in the classroom. As Jonathan Hamilt, a co-founder of Drag Queen Story Hour in New York, told NBC he hopes that.

[W]hen [children] grow and see someone different down the street, they won’t treat them any differently for how they look or act.

In the meantime, people are freaking out. How bad is it? How crazy are these story hours? Check out NBC’s video below:



Featured Image Via CBC