Drag Queen Story Hour at a Brooklyn Library

Welcome to New York, where you’re free to be who you want to be. It hasn’t always been this way, but it’s safe to say we’ve come far. If you’ve been to readings at libraries or bookstores, it’s always a treat to hear someone read out loud to you. It may remind you of your childhood; perhaps it gives you a new sense of a book; or you just love the spoken word. 

At the Brooklyn Library, Drag Queen Story Hour invites kids, parents, and anyone who wants to come to listen at a story hour. According to Brokelyn, the monthly event is about the “spirit of unfettered exploration of self that great books can prompt”, as well as love and acceptance. Such events teaches kids from a young age that there are different people in the world, but we shouldn’t fear them. We should get to know them and accept them for who they are. 

Jennifer Baumgardner, executive director and publisher of the Feminist Press, told the New Yorker: 

Drag Queen Story Hour breaks down our most stifling ideas about gender while lifting up play, fierceness, and femininity for all. But surely people across the country will get mad at this story hour idea. Let their fires of rage warm your heart even more, as you try in vain to remember a time when a stranger’s gender choice or exploration has had any effect on your life whatsoever.

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Featured image courtesy of Scary Mommy.