Dr. Strange and Marvel’s Coolest Librarian

Critics and audiences alike have been celebrating the recent Doctor Strange movie, praising its beautiful visuals, epic score, and stellar performances. Marvel has found itself another winner, it would seem.

Kamar-Taj, a hidden land in the Himalayas, is the home of Strange’s mentor the Ancient One, and the headquarters for the Masters of the Mystic Arts. It’s also where the sorcerers have stored all of their ancient texts and treausres, cared for by the dutiful Wong.

As a book lover, I couldn’t help but swoon over the Library, and envy Wong for getting to watch over it, although it definitely doesn’t seem like a job to take lightly. Wong’s commitment to his position is admirable and understandable, given the precious materials under his charge. The folks over at Book Riot reached out to an IRL librarian to see what list of rules they think Wong would enforce in his library, and this is what they came up with: 

  • Removal of library items from the premises will be punishable by death at librarian’s discretion;
  • Damage to library items will be punishable by time served according to the spell necessary to undo the damage (This is a rarely used measure, as the books are already enchanted against water and fire damage. May the Multiverse help you if you dogear every page, though!);
  • Please return items directly to the Head Librarian’s table upon completion. Do not try to reshelve books into their suspended clasps unless permitted to do so by an instructor;
  • Do not disturb the Head Librarian if their earbuds are in, as they are experiencing cultural learning time;
  • The wi-fi password is “shamballa” (please do NOT share with outside population nor magically manipulate wi-fi signal to expand beyond physical realm of Kamar-Taj);
  • Do not activate magical relics near library collections, as resulting damage may be permanent;
  • All knowledge is available for learning within the library, but not all practices.
  • Please review safety guidelines for each spell you learn, detailed after the instructions for how to cast them
  • Respect the laws of nature as they apply to the space-time continuum.
  • Fines and fees that apply across multiple or parallel dimensions may be compounded against the original offender. The Kamar-Taj library does not accept repayment from alternate-universe versions of patrons.

Pretty strict huh?

What did you guys think about the movie? Favorite library ever? Or is the one at Hogwarts still on top? Personally, I like Borges’.


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