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‘Downton Abbey’ Star Teases Upcoming Movie Will Be a Tear-Jerker

Okay, so Downton Abbey may not be a direct book adaptation, but it appeals to lovers of all things Jane Austen and regency-related, and we can’t get enough. Actor Allen Leech recently shed some light on what we can expect from the upcoming Downton Abbey film adaptation according to The Independent.


Leech, who played ex-chauffer Tom Branson on the award winning series, promises, “It’s a big epic story that’s definitely going to fill the big screen.”



Downton Abbey Cast

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The screenplay was written by the show’s creator, Julian Fellowes, who Leech praises for being able to bring the series to the big screen. Although the show concluded in 2016, the film will add a new chapter to the story which fans might not even expect.


“I was very surprised about the angle that Julian went with,” Leech said. “But then again, I was also amazed that he managed to get the entire 22-[member] cast to have their own story within the contained two-hour movie. He’s done an amazing job.”


Leech added, “It’s Julian—you’re going to have tears. He’s never too saccharine-sweet, so be prepared for everything.”


While the cast and crew have been relatively quiet about the production’s details, it’s nice to see an update!


The Downton Abbey movie will be released in September 2019.






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