Don’t Miss These 5 New Graphic Novels

These 5 new graphic novels are so good, you won’t be able to stop reading and admiring the cool illustrations.

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Welcome to your weekly guide to the best books to add to your TBR each week. This week, we are recommending five new graphic novels. The best part about graphic novels is that they come with pictures! The following reading recommendations are so good, you won’t be able to stop reading and admiring the cool illustrations.



  1. After the Rain by Nnedi Okorafor


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After the Rain, tells the story of a Nigerian-American woman named Chioma. When she answers her door one night, she is shocked to see a boy with a severed head, and when he reaches for her his touch burns. Chioma knows something is wrong, and in order to survive this she must embrace her heritage.

2. The Shadow Threat by Claudia Grey


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The Shadow Threat tells the story of Zahn and Sera. Zahn is one of the elites of Krypton and Sera is one of the soldiers. However, their paths may never cross because that is the rule of society. But then groundquakes start happening, and Zahn and Sera must work together to investigate the dangers that are threatening Krypton. Along the way, Zahn and Sera become closer than they ever thought possible.

3. OH MY GODS! by Stephanie Cooke


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OH MY GODS tells the story of thirteen-year-old Karen, whose life changes when she moves to Greece to live with her dad. Karen is used to playing video games and watching movies with her mom, but now that she’s in Greece she is unsure about her life. Then she starts school at Mt. Olympus Jr High and learns it’s a school for gods and goddesses. To make matters worse, the students start turning to stone. If everyone in school is immortal, does that mean she is too?

4. Katie the Catsitter by Colleen A.F Venable


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Katie the Catsitter tells the story of Katie, who wants to go to camp like all her friends. But her mom can’t afford it, so Katie is preparing to have a boring summer . . . until she gets a job cat-sitting for her mysterious upstairs neighbor, Madeline. Katie has to babysit 217 cats, and Madeline always seems to disappear whenever a villain commits a crime. She has a lot on her plate, including her best friend, who isn’t responding to her text. And to figure out who the superhero is, she has to, of course, watch 217 cats. Her summer is far from boring, to say the least.

5. Patience and Esther: An Edwardian Romance by Sarah Winifred Searle


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Patience and Esther tells the story of Patience and Esther. Patience is a country girl who is now living in Edwardian England, where social change is happening, and just started her employment in a manor for formal service. Then there is Esther, who is a parlor maid and very bookish. If this were the past, the two women would be spending their days in their attic bedroom, working for the lord, but times are different now and the world is full of more adventure and opportunity than either of them has ever imagined – they just have to be willing to go out into the world to seek it.

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