Dark Tower

Don’t Miss These 2 New ‘Dark Tower’ Teasers

Excitement for Stephen King movies is at all-time high with two of King’s most popular stories being adapted –The Dark Tower series and IT. The Dark Tower movie will be a completely new story taking place after the events of The Wind Through the Keyhole. The first trailer for the movie was released a month ago for our first look at Idris Elba as Roland and Matthew McConaughey as Walter, the Man in the Dark. Now we have a brief yet exhilarating look at both characters. 


I was initially a little disappointed at the first trailer, thinking it looked too much like a straight action movie. These new thirty-second teaser trailers are much more stirring with an in-depth look at the two characters that fans have been yearning to see for years. 


The Man in Black (Walter) Trailer



Walter’s specific trailer opens with him walking through a field of dead bodies over a voiceover. He says to Roland, “Everyone you ever loved has died by my hand.” In the past trailer, McConaughey didn’t look too menacing for the major villain in an epic series. This solo screen time definitely highlighted that he only wants to bring death and suffering to this world despite seeming like a normal or even charming man. Another exciting aspect for fans of the series is the hinting at a sight of The Crimson King. We see Walter in front of a cloud of red smoke which might be the Lord of Chaos himself and Walter hitting his fist against a wall that reads “All Hail the Crimson King.” 


Knight (Roland) Trailer



The Roland teaser inspires some hope after watching the Man in Black give out haunting threats. Roland is the last of the gunslingers; he is the world’s last fight against the evil of Walter and The Crimson King. Roland’s monologue and cuts of him shooting portray him as the ultimate warrior. He may be the last one left standing against the evils that look to destroy the Tower, but we feel safe with him being the one protecting the world after only thirty seconds. 


The stage is now set for the two immortal beings to duel.


Hopefully there will be a new trailer before the release date of August 4th. These new trailers only inspire more excitement so waiting two months will be a sludge to get through. Maybe it’s time to re-read the series yet again…



Feature image courtesy of http://bit.ly/2rxFxYi