Donald Glover

Donald Glover Might Be Our New ‘Willy Wonka’!

Now, as you may already know, a brand new adaptation of Roald Dahl’s ever popular Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is currently in the works


The film is being written and produced by Simon Rich (The SimpsonsSaturday Night Live) and David Heyman (Harry Potter) under Warner Bros., with director Paul King (Paddington). 


Now, although there are already two previous adaptations (the second being the darkly strange Tim Burton version starring Johnny Depp and the first, obviously, being the original 1971 classic starring the one-and-only Gene Wilder), this new adaptation already sounds like it’s on the track to being something completely unique and original. And now, according to Colliderone of the few actors shortlisted for the starring role as Willy Wonka himself is none other than Donald Glover.




Glover amassed a wide-reaching fame over the past decade; revealing that his talents and skills expand far beyond any one singular artistic route, and that he is, in fact, good at everything. His music under the pseudonym Childish Gambino is poetic, unique, political, influential, and everything in between (if you haven’t yet watched, click here to see the vitally important, relevant, and powerful video for This is America). He was incredibly charming and hilarious as the playful, childlike, and lovable Troy Barnes on the NBC series Community and has been killing it in the box-office as Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story (not to mention the fact that he’s the creator, writer, and star of Atlanta). So, in other words, Glover’s versatility isn’t even up for debate. And, I have no doubt that his Wonka would be so fun. and interesting and layered.


However, this is Hollywood and nothing has been stated as being set-in-stone quite yet; other stars stated as being shortlisted for the role of Wonka include Ezra Miller and Ryan Gosling. So, either way, it sounds like the new Willy Wonka adaptation will be starring someone worth watching!


(Still, wouldn’t Donald Glover be the coolest Wonka ever?)







Featured Image Via HelloGiggles