Simpsons 'The Serfsons'

D’oh! The ‘Game of Thrones’ References in ‘The Simpsons’ Are Endless!

Last night’s premiere of season 29 of The Simpsons was an homage to all things fantasy. The episode mostly revolved around Game of Thrones, but Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans will find quality Easter eggs throughout. 


Screencap from The Simpsons

Dr. Hibbert’s office includes potions from the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Legend of Zelda universes. | Image via Fox. 


Marge’s mom’s life is in danger, thanks to a make-out session with an Ice Walker, and the only way to save Jackie Bouvier from freezing to death is a magical amulet worth 100 gold pieces – not in the budget for this universe’s Simpson family, the Serfsons, until Lisa uses illegal magic and turns Homer’s lucky lead piece into gold. She’s later kidnapped by King Quimby, and Homer starts a feudal uprising to save his daughter from a life as an evil wizard.


The Simpson's Amulet of Warmfyre

Image via Fox.


If you’re a Simpsons fan, you won’t be surprised to see this episode is chock full of references. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) makes a cameo as Marge’s twin brother Markery, who she “should have married”, if she had only listened to that witch. 



During the uprising, a group of talking trees appears just in time to help the peasants storm the castle, and whether they reference Lord of the Rings‘ ‘ents’ or the Weirdwood trees of Westeros, they’re quickly turned into ladders.


If we listed out all of the references in the season 29 premiere we would have to go minute by minute, and shot by shot. Each scene has multiple nods to classic, iconic fantasy series. We absolutely loved it, and so will you.


Featured Image Via Fox.