Dog Caught Destroying Book about…Dog Training

Life’s not without a sense of irony it seems.

YouTube user Eldermisanthropy22 came home after a long day at school to find his copy of Guide to a Well-Behaved Dog torn up and strewn across the floor. The culprit? His new dog, who seems to be more ill-behaved than well-behaved.




According to Eldermisanthropy22, his dog was not too excited about being cooped up all day without a trip to the park. But don’t worry! In the description to the video, he writes that they went “straight to the park to play and get some wiggles out.” How cute! Well, maybe he doesn’t think so now that he has to clean up his eviscerated book!

We’re just glad his dog didn’t get a hold of the rest of his books!



Featured image from Eldermisanthropy22’s video