‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel Confirmed!

That’s right! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was recently confirmed by Elizabeth Olson, the actress who plays Scarlet Witch.

According to comicbook.com’s writer, Adam Barnhardt, the cast and crew for the film have landed in London and have commenced principal photography for the film. This all began back in November, so hopefully we’ll have some new and fun updates about this film as it begins production soon!





The first Doctor Strange film followed Dr. Stephen Strange, a world-renowned surgeon who survives a horrific accident that severely injures his hands and makes it impossible for him to conduct intensive surgeries. He travels to Nepal in hopes of finding someone who can heal his hands, but instead of returning to his previous profession, he becomes a prodigal sorcerer. Strange fights Dormammu, a being from a dimension where time does not exist. And, in the following Infinity Wars films, Strange also acts as a tactician who anticipates the only possible way for earth to defeat Thanos in the showdown that Marvel worked up to for several years.

After that sort of presence in the Marvel series, who wouldn’t be excited to see Dr. Strange return to the silver screen?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set for theatrical release on March 25, 2022.


feature image via wegotthiscovered