Doctor Strange Might Get a New Look In Sequel Film

Doctor Strange is getting a new, possibly more comic-faithful, costume for his new film.

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Brian Cronin, writer for, recently released an article discussing the changes in Doctor Strange’s wardrobe for the next Doctor Strange film–Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness. This new outfit is expected to be more accurate to the clothing that he wears in the comics.

Viewers will recall that, in the first Doctor Strange film, Steven Strange wore blue robes and a sentient red cloak. Alexandra Byrn, the costume designer for the first film, discussed some of the more notable changes that she made to the sorcerer’s outfit. One of the most notable alterations was to Strange’s cloak collar, which was large and made it hard to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s face. Byrn also explained that she moved away from the red and gold color palette laid out by the comics in favor of what viewers would have observed in the film.


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At the moment, there is no telling what direction the costume design in this sequel will take, but we can make some guesses based on Strange’s appearance in the comics. We might see Strange’s cloak take on more gold accenting for example–which was subdued for the first film. The crest on the front of his robe might also show up as well.

Feature image via Den of Geek