Dobby: The Incredibly Interesting House Elf That We Loved

Dobby, the most legendary house elf from Harry Potter has a birthday! Here are some interesting Dobby Facts to help celebrate!

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Dobby does, in fact, have a birthday, and here at Bookstr, we are celebrating it all we can with some fascinating facts about this beloved and interesting Harry Potter character! Dobby has always been a fan favorite for the Harry Potter fandom, but does everyone know everything you can possibly know about him? This legendary House Elf deserves all the recognition today, so that is what we are going to give him!

Fact No. 1: Dobby’s Impact in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince


Now, if you are just a Harry Potter movie watcher, you might be confused as to how Dobby had an impact in this part of the series seeing as he was not featured in this movie. But actually, in the book, he plays a very significant role for Harry all throughout the plot. Harry had believed that Draco Malfoy was going to become a Death Eater, so he had Dobby help figure out information about Draco. So, Dobby had become a little spy for Harry in hopes of reporting any unusual activity that Draco had become involved in.

Fact No. 2: Dobby Has A Friend!


In the books, Dobby had a friend named Winky, and this relationship really shows who Dobby truly is. When Winky was released from Barty Crouch, she didn’t know what to do or where to go, so she became a notable heavy drinker of Butterbeer, the common drink of the Wizarding World. Dobby would always take care of her while she would be drinking and would do anything in order to take care of her. He truly was always there for Winky, no matter what.

Fact No. 3: Dobby Gets a Job


After Dobby had been set free by Harry, he needed a job to be able to live a sufficient life in the world since he didn’t have any “owners” anymore. In Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, Dobby finds a job at Hogwarts, actually! He worked in the Hogwarts kitchens, with Dumbledore having offered ten Galleons a week with weekends off. But seeing as how Dobby didn’t really know much about the world as a free elf just yet, he countered Dumbledore’s offer for one Galleon a week and only one day off a month!

Fact No. 4: Dobby Gave Harry Gillyweed


In Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire movie, Neville is the one who had given Harry gillyweed. This plant gave Harry the ability to breathe underwater during the Triwizard Tournament. But in the book, it was Dobby who provided the gillyweed when he discovered the plan for the second task. He then, of course, would do anything to help Harry Potter, and of course, would even go to the lengths of obtaining gillyweed in hopes of helping Harry in any way he could.

Fact No. 5: His Mix-Match Sock Theory


Dobby has a thing for socks; any Harry Potter fan knows that whether you have only read the books or only seen the movies, or have done both! But with that being said, Dobby firmly believed that no pair of socks should be of the same sock. I believe he thinks this is the case as he was only given a singular sock for his freedom, so he didn’t know that socks are supposed to come in a matching pair.

Dobby has had a lasting impact on the fanbase of the Harry Potter series and will forever be such a notable character. He deserves all of the socks in the world so he can live the life that he wants to fulfill. I wish a very happy birthday to the most legendary house elf there ever was!

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