Barnes and noble facade

Do YOU Have What it Takes to be B&N’s Next CEO?

It is no secret that Barnes & Noble has been in a bit of trouble lately. This past Tuesday, July 3rd, CEO, Demos Parneros, was terminated for violating company policies.




Needless to say, thet are looking for a new CEO who can do what needs to be done to fix what needs to be fixed without breaking company rules or policies. With people already worried about the company closing, big problems like this are really scary.

While the company prepares for its search, a group of leaders are to take over the position. Parneros was the fourth CEO within the past five years; the future CEO will make number five. Does Barnes and Noble really know what they are looking for?


Publishers Weekly reported that an executive noted that “The absolute resolute focus for the [new CEO] needs to be on books and bringing customers into the stores. Everything else is secondary. It was also pointed out that “the ability to lead for the long run while having the courage to face short-term business challenges. The past four CEOs have looked for short term ‘wins’ using worn-out retail and supply-chain strategies that weren’t appropriate for the current bookselling environment.” He added: “B&N is caught between resilient independent booksellers who have better tools and business skills than ever before and, of course, Amazon and online retail. Neither their stores nor online presence have adapted well to the new bookselling landscape. The next CEO has to know where bookselling is going and adjust the company accordingly while satisfying the pressures of an increasingly dire financial and sales situation.”


Finding a good fit is hard, of course, but as put by several executives of the company, “bookselling experience, or at the very least knowledge of the book business, is a trait that they would like to see in the new CEO… What the new CEO needs to do… is [articulate] a clear retailing statement that gives customers reasons to shop unique to B&N.”

Ah, what do you think about all of this? Do you think you know what it takes to do the job correctly? I genuinely hope the best for the success of Barnes and Noble. Getting back on their feet is proving to be very difficult. I hope they find a great CEO and that something effective can be implemented soon.


Feature Image Via BostonGlobe