Disney’s Next Big Project: ‘Don Quixote’

Don Quixote is arguably the best book to come out of Western literature ever. Written in the 15th century, it was the first book to poke fun at the overly self-absorbed nature of medieval chivalry. Don Quixote himself is a man deranged by the stories of knights in shining armor. Because of his fantasies, he goes out into the world feeling invincible, only to be beaten physically and mentally almost instantly.

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The book is a struggle between ideals and reality, as well as sanity and insanity. The first ever “straight man” was introduced into literature also, his name was Sancho. Don Quixote and Sancho created the classic comedy duo, the sane madman, and the wise fool. We can see this tradition in film and literature still today.

After a wildly unsuccessful T.V. movie, Don Quixote has been picked up by Disney for another shot at Hollywood. With legendary books like this one, there is no doubt that droves of fans are going to come out protesting the movie for various literary reasons. If done well, Don Quixote has the opportunity to make fun of so much that is going on in our culture today. Only time will tell!



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