Disney To Remake “James and the Giant Peach”

Another remake is making its way to the big screen and this time it’s Roald Dahl’s, James and the Giant Peach! Those of us who remember the 1996 stop-motion Disney version know how dark and at times eerie the characters were. Many of Dahl’s classic stories have made it to the big screen including, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and most recently, The BFG.

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Filmmakers at Disney are now in talks to do a live action version of Dahl’s story. If you thought The BFG was the end of Dahl’s stories making it to the screen, you were wrong. According to Variety, Sam Mendes, the director of the most recent Bond films, is set to direct James and the Giant Peach with screenwriter Nick Hornby. It seems that remaking Disney movies has been the popular thing in Hollywood lately. According to IMDB, the movie is set to release in 2019. 

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