Fat Thor

Dishevelled Thor Covers Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’

There’s no question that Chris Hemsworth’s Fat Thor performance was one of the greatest and most hilarious highlights in Avengers: Endgame. However, you end up feeling very disappointed in yourself the more you think about what drove the character to that state in the first place.


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His mother is dead. His father is dead. His brother is dead (again). His best friend is dead, and so are half of his fellow Asgardians, Avengers, and Revengers. Thanos lived, and Thor failed to stop him from murdering half of all life when all he had to do was go for the head.

Beers, burgers, and Bloody Marys would look pretty nice to you too if you were in his position. One thing that Hemsworth did to get into character though, was play the guitar while singing Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt,’ in his trailer, alone.



(More of the cover in the Youtube video below)




Hemsworth shared his cover of the classic song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon while promoting MIB: International. “I didn’t know if I was ever gonna show it because it was in the trailer in between a few takes,” Hemsworth explained.

Hemsworth pondered about what kind of music a depressed, mourning Thor would listen. “What else but Johnny Cash, ‘Hurt,’ the saddest song in the world,” the actor added.


What have I become

My sweetest friend

Everyone I know

Goes away in the end


-Johnny Cash


Those lyrics hit a little too close to home now, don’t they?



Featured Image via Rolling Stone