Discover your Patronus!

Pottermore has finally released its latest Harry Potter experience! This time we get to discover the animal that represtents our truest essence. The Patronus is the most advanced spell a wizard can cast and is the only way to repel a Dementor.

Instead of just answering questions, Pottermore has created an elaborate 3D environment that guides you through your decision making process. Be alert when you are taking the quiz because each question is timed!

Everybody at the Bookstr office was excited to take the quiz ourselves here is what we got!

Gaby, Editor-in-Chief: Rat

Epiphany, Sales Marketing Manager: Shrew

Mahogany, Writer: Eagle Owl*

Multimedia Producer, Adam: Polecat

It seems we had a trend with getting small mammals as our Patronus, what does that say about us?! Our newest addition to the team, Mahogany, originally got a cat but decided to retry the quiz. She apparently has a deep distrust of the feline species, which is understandable.

Apparently Mahogany wasn’t the only one who decided to take the quiz more than once. J.K. Rowling herself took the quiz once and got a pine marten which comes from the mustelid family. After tweeting about it, she took the quiz again and got a heron. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and find out your Patronus now!

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