Discover What the #1 Bestseller Was the Year You Were Born!

Many would say the year they were born is the year a legend was born. Ain’t that the truth, right?


But what about all the other monumental events that occurred in that same year? And by monumental, we really mean bestsellers! Times have changed since twenty or thirty years ago; what we enjoy is different, society’s views aren’t the same, and neither is our taste in books. 


So, if a certain book was a bestseller in your birth year does that mean you’ll love it because, well, just because? Millenials: find your year and (maybe) find your new favorite book! And for folks whose year isn’t listed, follow this link!



1980The Covenant: A Novel by James A. Michener. This novel delves deep into the realms of race and history and might spark an interest for you!


1981Noble House (Asian Saga) by James Clavell. His work revolves around culture, society, and espionage and was even made into a miniseries! Will you be a viewer or a reader?


1982E.T., The Extraterrestrial by William Kotzwinkle. This author wrote the novelization for the screenplay of E.T. the Extraterrestrial. This version of the beloved 80’s movie may be out of this world.


'Return of the Jedi'

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1983Star Wars : Return of the Jedi by James Kahn. This sci-fi novel is based off the screenplay of one of the most popular film series in cinematic history. If you’re not already a Star Wars fan, this book may be enough to make you one.


1984The Talisman: A Novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub. Of course we have the King of 80s. As a dark fantasy novel, you may want to see what happens when an L.A. detective has to solve a pattern of eerie small-town murders.


1985The Mammoth Hunters: Earth’s Children, Book Three by Jean M. Auel. A beautiful novel that follows a group of hunting families and their quests to survive. Why go back 32 years when you can go back 120,000?



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1986It: A Novel by Stephen King. For all you 1986ers out there, you got a good one! This horror novel is more than just about a demonic clown. It’s a coming-of-age story and a recent box-office hit, what better way to face your fears?


1987The Tommyknockers by Stephen King. Surprise, surprise; this sci-fi novel is sprinkled with horror for those in a small Maine town who fall under the power of a mysterious object in the woods.


1988The Cardinal of the Kremlin (A Jack Ryan Novel) by Tom Clancy. Clancy’s famous character Jack Ryan is caught in a world of intelligence, political intrigue, and warfare. Can you handle this birthday read?


'Clear and Present Danger'

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1989Clear and Present Danger (A Jack Ryan Novel) by Tom Clancy. This guy took the reigns on the late 80s, Jack Ryan I mean! He’s back as a member of the CIA in an attempt to break apart a deadly cartel. 


1990The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel. Even if you’re not born in the fabulous ’85, this novel is the sequel to The Mammoth Hunters! We get a new story on characters who already feel familiar, so why not start a series?


1991Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind” by Alexandra Ripley. This historical romance is meant to play the sequel of (surprise) Gone With The Wind with Miss Scarlett O’Hara! Give this novel of the charming old south a chance, and even if you haven’t seen or read Gone With The Wind, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.


1992Dolores Claiborne: A Novel by Stephen King. Well, well, well he’s done it again. Your mind will be blown with this psychological thriller with no chapters that reads like an inner monologue. Is she a killer or simply unreliable?


'The Bridges of Madison County'

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1993The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Walker. If you want your heart to be twisted up and blown away like flower petals, this is the book for you! All I can say is that I’ve seen the film and I believe the book is even better. Fate at it’s finest.


1994The Chamber by John Grisham. This intense legal novel brings the question of law, what’s right, what’s wrong, and the way we live within those realms. Is this novel close enough to real life?


1995The Rainmaker: A Novel by John Grisham. This novel, a year later, follows The Chamber and creates turmoil for a man of law. Here’s a hint: things get bad for this legal thriller.


1996The Runaway Jury: A Novel by John Grisham. This guy is on a roll and this is his seventh novel out for ’96! It brings to question who really leads the jury. It was also adapted to film starring Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack, and Rachel Weisz. Love it.


'The Partner'

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1997The Partner: A Novel by John Grisham. The eighth novel for Grisham was also adapted to a TV series of the same name. These legal thrillers are doing something right. Awesome adaptations anyone?


1998The Street Laywer : Level 4 (Penguin Longman Active Reading)by John Grisham. This series continues to catch attention in books and on-screen throughout the mid to late nineties so there’s no doubt we are pushing all you millennials to give this a try!


1999The Testament: A Novel by John Grisham. A billionaire’s suicide, a modest missionary, and a tough lawyer. Need we say more about this author’s book taking over our birth years?


'The Brethren'

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2000The Brethren: A Novel by John Grisham. Blackmail in a high-security federal prison sounds terrifying at the least, this one is for you 2000 babies… Maybe.


2001Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne (Left Behind) by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. This is the ninth book in the author’s series! This post-apocalyptic story revolves around religion and morals in question. In for a long read?


2002The Summons: A Novel by John Grisham. A man questions his own family past after his father’s death leads the main character to discover three million dollars tucked away. How did it get there? It’s not too late to figure it out.


Harry Potter

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2003Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix by J.K. Rowling. Have you been waiting for this one? It’s highly likely that everyone born in the previous years has read this book… I don’t think it needs an introduction.


Who would have guessed the turn out for those? Once more, if your year wasn’t mentioned, follow this link! If only we could’ve all read the books from our birth year when they first became bestsellers! But we may have been drooling everywhere and eating pureed peas and formula. So now is the time to find out and give that bestseller a shot.


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