This month at we’re celebrating the authors who take us under the superficial sheen of the Nordic metropolises like Stockholm and Reykjavík to show us underworlds as harsh as Scandinavia’s vast tracts of uninhabitable land. Writers of Scandinavian Crime Fiction take us through these icy worlds, where night is often longer than day and there are parts so inhospitable astronauts are trained there, through hard boiled protagonists that wouldn’t be out of place in the work of Raymond Chandler and other Classic Crime authors. Now, when we think about Scandinavian Crime Fiction, most of us think Stieg Larsson’s brilliant Millenium Trilogy, and it’s easy to think that we’re riding a new ‘wave’ of Scandinavian Crime Fiction. But this isn’t entirely the case, with anyone that remembers (and if you read it, you can’t forget it) Peter Hoeg’s amazing 1992 novel Smilla’s Sense of Snow whetting our appetite for all that’s come after it. So to satiate your hunger, here’s our picks from some of the best authors from this noir tundra. Leopard by Jo Nesbo Water’s Edge by Karin Fossum Hypothermia by Annaldur Indridason Troubled Man by Henning Mankell Blood Split by Asa Larsson