Did You Know That ‘Shrek’ Was Originally a Book?

We all love Shrek. And if you don’t, you’re just rejecting your true nature and deep down you love the amazingly comedic yet emotional drama about a green ogre trying his best to do right despite all the hindrances in his life. However, a reasonable little-known fact is that the movies and characters we have come to basically worship are all based on a book.




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Before it was the universally adored film series, Shrek was no more than a common children’s book by author and illustrator, William Steig. The story follows the first movie in that Shrek ventures out of his home-swamp in order to explore a world he has never seen. Although he starts off as a grumpy monster, he ends as a hero with true values and morals. That’s basically the story, but the movies take this very simple premise and expands upon it exponentially. 




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Originally, our film adaptation of Shrek could’ve look much different. At first, Steven Spielberg acquired the rights for the book in 1991, just one year after the books initial publication and release. His plan was just as expected: make an animated adaptation for younger audiences. However, thankfully we never got Spielberg’s version due to John H. Williams showing the book to DreamWorks. After four years, DreamWorks eventually acquired the rights to Steig’s book and, well, the rest is history.




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News of a reboot to the franchise has been spreading around the web like wildfire, however personally I don’t find that a reboot to Shrek is necessary at all. What could they possibly do better? The first movies were iconic and are apart of millions of childhoods around the globe. I would much more like to see a spin-off film or series based more on Donkey’s life and his family of half-dragon-half-donkey babies. What do you think of this news of a possible reboot? And did you always know Shrek was based on a book? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to stick to Bookstr for more news surrounding the new reboot/adaptation as well as all of your book news!





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