Did You Know President Obama Writes Short Stories?

There’s no doubt that President Barack Obama has been busy during his 8 years in office. Even before he became President, he was active in his various communities from a student at Harvard to becoming a Senator from Illinois. In a piece from The New York Times, Obama revealed that he’s written short stories about some of the people he’s met along the way.

The NYT reported:

Mr. Obama taught himself to write as a young man by keeping a journal and writing short stories when he was a community organizer in Chicago — working on them after he came home from work and drawing upon the stories of the people he met. Many of the tales were about older people, and were informed by a sense of disappointment and loss: “There is not a lot of Jack Kerouac open-road, young kid on the make discovering stuff,” he says. “It’s more melancholy and reflective.”

We know that Obama is a great writer and even a great speaker. From his time as editor at the Harvard Law Review to publishing two memoirs, and even a children’s book, he has showed us how much literature and writing can influence people. He plans to write a post-presidency memoir, but what about fiction? I know I’d love to see how his writing and experiences would translate into those short stories he spoke about. 


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