Did You Know Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Is Actually a Literary Adaptation?

If you’re fans of Disney movie, you must know Mulan. If you’re fans of Bookstr, you must know that we’ve followed Disney’s upcoming live-action feature movie Mulan since 2017. But do you know Mulan is actually a very famous piece of feminist Chinese literature?


Before we get into the literary part, let’s have something hot: recently, the first official photo of the live-action Mulan was released. Yife Liu, the famous Chinese actress who plays her, wears a traditional red robe and holds a sword, staring toward the camera. This is a brilliant photo which perfectly embodies the feminist spirit of Mulan in the real Chinese history.




Image via IMDb



The story of Mulan is pretty hot as well. It originally comes from The Ballad of Mulan, a poem written in the dynasty of Northern Wei (around AD 386 to 534). The following is the excerpt of the original text and the English translation.






This is the beginning of the poem, explaining that Mulan is the only child in her family and one day her father gets the military letter calling him back to the battlefields. Concerning her elder dad, Mulan steals the letter and makes herself into the avatar of her father, going to the war.






This is the most salient paragraph in Mulan. After conquering the enemies, Mulan goes back home, taking off her armors and turning back to her female identity. At that moment, all of her comrades are shocked and Mulan indeed becomes the first female-male-solder in the Chinese history.



Good to know right? I’ll keep you, Mulan fans now, in the loop regarding any news of the Disney film!



P.S. To see the full text of The Ballad of Mulan here



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