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Did You Know? 8 Facts About ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy

J.R.R. Tolkien’s incredible Lord of the Rings series has inspired generations of fantasy lovers around the globe to imagine the intricately detailed world that is Middle Earth. You may consider yourself a fan of the series or the movies, but let’s see if you know everything! Here are 8 facts about Tolkien’s epic tale.


1) Legolas may not have had beautiful golden locks!

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While Orlando Bloom looked incredible in the movies, Tolkien never actually describes Legolas’ appearance in full detail. Yet, he describes every other elf! Why not our archer? Does this mean that he’s been a red head this whole time!? 


2) There’s actually something more evil than Sauron


Originally Sauron was a vassal of Morgoth, who is basically Middle Earth’s version of Satan. Morgoth’s right hand man Sauron was just carrying out his demands, who knows what could have happened if he prevailed!


3) Shelob the spider is not your average vermin



Okay, besides the obvious reasons, Shelob is a thousand times scarier than the eight-legged insects we’re used to. She’s the daughter (Yes, daughter) of Ungoliant — an evil ancient spirit thing that chooses to take the form of a spider. Why? We don’t know either. 


4) ‘The Silmarillion’ has some differences from the original story 


Because The Silmarillion was put together after Tolkien’s death, there are a few small differences from what he planned for the series. As an example, the origin of the orcs is contested because of differing evidence found between the series and The Silmarillion. 


5) Wizards can change forms?



The five wizards, our friends Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, Allatar, and Pallando, are part of the Maiar race who are able to change forms. Think of all the pranks they can pull off.


6) Tolkien typed all 1,200 pages with just two fingers


Oh my god. 


7) Some of Tolkien’s personal life may be in the trilogy


Tolkien’s daughter believes that the description of the Dead Marshes was heavily based on his own experience fighting in World War I. 


8) J.R.R. was dedicated to the LOTR life all the way to the end

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His gravestone has the word “Beren” engraved on it and his wife’s says “Luthien” referencing a love story between a mortal man and his immortal elf wife. Aw.  




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