Peter Dinklage for Doritos

Did Doritos Just Reveal a ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler?

In what was surprisingly the only Doritos commercial for the entirety of the Super Bowl, the chip dynasty channeled its inner Game of Thrones to sell its new chip flavors to the athletically inclined. 



Peter Dinklage busted out his best Busta Rhymes lip sync as Morgan Freeman channeled his inner Missy Elliott in an incredible rap battle that almost rivaled the seventeen million Tide commercials that delighted me time and time again. 


Dinklage appears surrounded by flames, even breathing fire, which according to the Twittersphere, means that Tyrion is clearly a Targaryen. 






Following this logic, Morgan Freeman is clearly the Night King, which I wouldn’t necessarily hate, but I certainly don’t love either.


So basically, breaking news, everybody: the secret to A Song of Ice and Fire is indeed Doritos vs. Mountain Dew.


Featured Image Via IndieWire.