“Devastated” Lena Headey Signals Winter Is Coming

With the last season of Game of Thrones arriving in the coming months, it’s strange to think that one of HBO’s biggest shows is about to end. The show first aired back on April 17th, 2011, only about three months before A Dance with Dragons hit shelved on July 12th that same year. Now the show is wrapping up while Winds of Winter tries to find a release date (George R R Martin said no to a season 8 cameo because he wants to finish the book), it almost doesn’t seem real.



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It didn’t for Cersai Lannister actress Lena Headey. Back in July of 2017, Time Magazine asked Lena Headey how it felt that Game of Thrones was approaching the end of its run. “I don’t really have time to think about it. It doesn’t feel very real right now,” she responded.

It’s often easy to forget that the characters aren’t the actors themselves. They’re real people just like us. The only difference, with regards to Game of Thrones, is they’re working on a different time table.


Image Via Geek and Sundry

Image Via Geek and Sundry


Lena Headey already knew how what Cersei Lannister was going to do in Season 7 far before we did. She felt what we are feeling right now. And now that Season 8, Game of Thrones’ final season has wrapped, we get a chance to look at how we might feel after the last episode hits us on May 19th this year.

“I thought I wasn’t going to let myself get to that point because I had the last day to get through,” the actress told the Huffington Post, “…when I left and I got in the car, I broke down in tears and I was… yeah, devastated.”

Ouch. Devastated? Winter really is coming. We have a lot to look forward too.


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We actually do  have a lot to look forward too. Seriously. After all, Winters of Winter is still coming.

While the show version of Cersei might leave us, book readers left off with Cersei back in 2005 during A Feast with Crows after Cersei, having just gone through her walk of atonement, being carried off by Ser Robert Strong (whose description is unnervingly similar to that of Ser Gregor Clegane’s).

Even after the show hit us with a gut wrenching conclusion, the world of George R R Martin still lives on in the pages. While John Snow might have just been stabbed, King Tommen is still alive so I’m positive everything is going to work out great. The Night Walkers might just want to meet with King Tommen’s cats.


martin will never come out with Winds of Winter, I'm calling it now.

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It totally won’t be devastating.


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