Deranged American Politics Explored

This week Hillary clinched the Democratic nomination, and while Bernie isn’t winding down just yet, her presumptive title means the school yard fighting is almost over and we’re onto the big leagues: the general election. It also means you can expect plenty of new releases over the next several months. Authors are already scurrying to publishers and rolling out new titles. Maureen Dowd, one of many to take on the Hunger Games-like election, will debut her new book, The Year of Voting Dangerously: The Derangement of American Politics, courtesy of Hachette Books this September.


Dowd frames the book as a battle of the sexes, not a battle between two parties. Looking to her prior work, like Are Men Necessary? and Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk, her writing pivots on the cross hairs between gender and politics, and her new book appears to follow a similar trajectory.

The anticipated read takes on the bizarre, the fascinating, and the wholly ridiculous show-downs of the election as we’ve experienced it so far. It’s what Dowd refers to as “the nastiest and most significant battle of the sexes”. The book looks at the psychology behind making a decision this year – one she argues is exceptionally difficult given that our choices are between two extremes, both equally unfavorable to so many Americans. When we’re pitted against opposites, what kind of voting pathologies surface?

Dowd has been covering the candidates since the 90’s – following Drumpf through the wake of becoming a real estate mogul and Hillary through her husband’s impeachment roller coaster ride. Her blog on the New York Times was spawned in part by Hillary’s email follies and the subsequent drama that unfolded in the media. She’s also been known to call Drumpf ‘the Kardashian of politics’ so you can expect her opinion on the candidates to be transparent and wry. She’s also extremely vocal about her view of the media and its effort to weed out columnist voices like her own over the past decade. Her take on the election provides witty insight into an evolving political sphere, one continually perforated by gender and media.

Let her book be an aid for the general election to come, and a tool to gird your loins with. We’ll all need one.

“If America is on the escalator to hell, then The Year of Voting Dangerously is the perfect guide for this surreal, insane ride.” – Hachette Books

Keep your eye out for Dowd’s latest book, set for release on September 13th.


Featured image courtesy of Slate.