Actor and friend Johnny Depp sends the Gonzo writer's remains out in a blaze of glory

Depp Spends $3 Milllion to Scatter Hunter S. Thompson’s Ashes

Hunter S. Thompson always brought his unique voice to everything he did. His eccentric style birthed the gonzo-style of journalism and even his cable-tv interviews had to be done his way. Is anyone surprised to hear that he had a burial plan to be blown out of 150-foot cannon? Close friend Johnny Depp reportedly spent over three million dollars to fulfill Thompson’s funeral wish.

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Depp played Thompson in the adaptation of both Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Rum Diary. The first day they met, Thompson invited Depp to his house where they proceeded to build a bomb, at three in the morning, and drunkenly shot at it with shotguns until Depp made it explode. Naturally, a lifelong friendship was born. They even lived together for a period where they would go to bed at 9 or 10 AM then wake up for breakfast at 7 PM. Thompson would even invite Johnny to go on Rolling Stone assignments in Cuba with him. Depp asserted: “When Hunter made a request like that, you made it happen.”

Thompson’s own way of doing things unfortunately even meant he chose his own way of passing. He took his own life in 2005 when he was 67-years-old. His suicide note titled: “Football Season is Over”, described how life was no more fun once he entered his 60s.

After his death, there was still his funeral wish to fulfill, which Depp put together. He wanted to make sure his friend was into the stratosphere, just like Thompson wanted. It was fitting for the man who did everything unconventionally; to have final send-off be by way of a giant explosion of ash and gunpowder.

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