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Deleted Scene From ‘IT’ Confirms Bullies Are Scarier Than Clowns

You may have used the holiday season to overcome the residual terror you’ve had since seeing IT last year. You may have just begun to stop sleeping with the light on, and a weapon under your pillow. Only last week did you start behaving normally around sewer drains again. Well, not so fast. There is a deleted scene you need to see. 


For me, the most frightening parts of the movie were not featuring Pennywise, (though those parts are obviously extremely creepy). I felt the parts of the film most difficult to watch were those involving Henry and the bullies. The bullying scenes are incredibly distressing, as is the one where Henry is, in turn, bullied at the hands of his father. Well, this deleted scene isn’t exactly one of those scenes, but it DOES involve Henry and it IS extremely creepy. See for yourself. 



Okay, thanks for watching. You’re free to go about your daily life. Sorry for undoing your months of good work and sending you straight back to the darkness. Hope you’re okay. 


Via Uproxx

Via Uproxx


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