Close up of the Facebook live with Deepak Chopra.

Deepak Chopra’s 10 Step Cosmic Detox

Deepak Chopra stopped by our offices, full of cerebral knowledge and sporting sick spectacles (his coveted glasses were designed Swarovski because his grandchildren wanted him to sparkle). He came by to promote his new book “You Are The Universe.”


Cover of new book "You Are The Universe"

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While here, he gave lots of great advice. To begin the undertaking of connecting with and understanding your cosmic self, he says that most importantly, people have to understand two truths: Your mind is conditioned. You need to question you habitual certainties.


Already off the bat, he has delivered enough zen for a week’s worth of yoga in the park. When asked by Facebook user Sandra “how to go about detoxifying unnecessary things from your life,” he was quick to offer advice.


“If somebody creates distress in you, ask yourself ‘what can I learn from this experience?’ Ask yourself ‘Is it true, necessary, will it make a difference?’ Be aware of what you’re observing and what you need, what others are observing and what they need.”


He then gave 10 steps on how to go about making these changes, including self-awareness and sympathy for the other person:


1. Practice non-violence in communication

2. Address what need isn’t being met in the relationship

3. Recognize shortcomings

4. Acknowledge the perception of injustice on both sides

5. Forgive and ask for forgiveness

6. Refrain from belligerence

7. Understand principles of emotional intelligence

8. Understand other person’s values and your own

9. Don’t bring in politics or ideology

10. Recognize in any conflict there is fear, don’t be afraid of being vulnerable


Hopefully these steps and suggestions can help you become a better individual. Maybe they will even shape your friendships and relationships!