DC Comics’ New Streaming Service Will Release This September

The world of DC comics is immersive and expansive. There are already many attempts at adapting many characters from their superhero-pantheon with even more on the way. However, many of us struggle to find the correct service to watch all of these amazing works, both animated and live action. Well, have no worries, because DC is swooping in to save you and bring you to their own complete streaming service: DC Universe!





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Fans will be able to finally subscribe to the long awaited collection of all things DC. The new service will not only allow you to stream any of their series or movies, but also provide daily news on the comic universe. They even allow subscribers to read a huge selection of comics with the simple click of a button. It will also exclusively add brand new series such as Doom Patrol , Swamp Thing, and Titans to its own selections. 




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The subscription will cost $7.99 a month, but subscribers also have the option to pre-pay for an annual membership for $74.99. DC Universe will release on September 15th and anyone who pre-orders their subscription before then will automatically be entered into DC’s newest contest. One winner will be randomly selected to take a full tour of DC’s headquarters and take a ride in the real bat-mobile! This is a must for any comic fan, especially those who favor DC over all comics.





Featured Image Via CBR