David Heyman recalls Special Scene in First Potter film

The Harry Potter films is one of the greatest books to screen adaptions of our generation and for more generations to come. So, with all great films, comes a great cast because the movies wouldn’t be as amazing as they are without the chemistry the cast had on and offset. The cast has a lot of great memories on set together, and one of the producers, David Heyman, who served as producer for all eight films recalls one special moment in particular.

Image via WizardingWorld
For Empire Magazine’s 20th Anniversary edition, Heyman recalled a scene in the first film. It’s the scene in the end when Harry and Hagrid say bye to each other. Behind the scenes Harry, or Daniel Radcliffe had an allergic reaction to the contacts he wore to make his eyes green. His eyes were red and puffy and due to the scene, they thought the look was actually good. They were going to add his green eyes digitally but the look was more natural, so Daniel had to endure painful itchy eyes for the sake of the movie. That’s a lot for a young kid but he did it with grace.
It’s crazy to think the 20th anniversary of the first film is coming up this November. The first film in the franchise that has touched many lives. Over the years the stars have shared many moments on set that were good and not so good.  Tom Felton, who portrayed Draco Malfoy, is even willing to do a reunion with the cast. Now that would be awesome! However that’s not on the table right now, but there is a rumored new Harry Potter series coming to HBO Max. Not sure how true that is but rumors are circulating and let’s all hope the series is done right with the right cast.
You can watch all the movies right here.
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