Kerri Rawson

Daughter of Wichita Serial Killer to Release Book in January

WIBW reports that the daughter of serial killer Dennis Rader will release her memoir next month. After years of recovering from shock and trauma, Kerri Rawson will share her story with the public in full detail.

Rawson was 26-years-old when she learned that her father was the notorious BTK serial killer. In 2005, Rader was arrested for murdering ten people in the Wichita community in Kansas between 1974 and 1991. Two were children.



Dennis Rader at his daughter Kerri's graduation

Image via Dennis Rader


Rawson was unaware of her father’s double life for the entirety of her childhood and young adult life. The man who had been a loving father, devoted husband, church president, Boy Scout leader, and public servant, had been using his family as a cover for his crimes since before she was even born. The arrest shattered her family and sent her into years of horror and disbelief.

“Today I live with anxiety and depression and PTSD,” Rawson says. “I’m a crime victim from before I was born. I’m a trauma and abuse victim from when I was little.”



A Serial Killer's Daughter by Kerri Rawson

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Rawson hopes that the book will help people who have experienced similar emotional trauma, including anxiety, post traumatic stress, depression, and betrayal. A Serial Killer’s Daughter is the story of how she struggled with these personal adversities but eventually overcame them.

“Talking about it has helped me in a way nothing else could,” Rawson adds. “I’m a survivor who wrote this book to help others on their journey of life.”





Featured Image via The Wichita Eagle