Dating in a Digital Age: Keeping Your Messages from Your Lockdown Love Affair

When you download Keepster, you can organize years of messages into cute, easy-to-navigate folders. Then – the real reason we’re obsessed – you can turn those folders into books.

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If you’ve got a WhatsApp feed clogged with months of yearning and late-night snaps, a Viber chat full of getting-to-know-yous, it can be hard to find the sweet nothings, the declarations of love, the stuff that makes living and loving online so great. Keepster is an app and printing service that can help you find exactly that, and what’s more, you can turn those sweet nothings into a whole book!

Let me preface this with: I am not here to judge you. If a worldwide pandemic and an extended period of time left alone with my thoughts have made me anything, it’s swipe happy. While Friday nights may have been spent at dive bars or on cinema dates in the beforetime, they’re now a little closer to home. As in, they are spent in our homes. With wine if we’re lucky. It’s normal that we all got a little invested in the Tinder/Bumble/Hinge app roulette.


Lest we forget, most of the platforms opened up their passport features for free, allowing people to connect with others from foreign corners of the world. If you’re someone who met that special someone online, with no way of seeing them soon, or you’re just a romantic lamenting the loss of the love letter, I have a present for you.

When you download Keepster, you can organize years of messages into cute, easy-to-navigate folders. Then – the real reason we’re obsessed – you can turn those folders into books. Real, tangible, flippable, coffee-table-friendly books. If quick and breezy is your vibe, you can simply turn entire chats into books, letting the little daily messages make up the best thing on your shelf. Or, if you enjoy putting in more time and effort, you can cherry pick only your favorite messages and pics so that you’ll end up with a carefully curated keepsake book.



Now, I know what I’m outlining seems like it could be technical. But Keepster has worked hard to make sure theirs is a service that is accessible, user friendly and affordable/good value for the money. You’ll get a beautiful and heartfelt book out of it, and not a headache. Their customer service team is on hand to make sure you’re not doing it alone, but don’t worry, the color scheme is still all you!

With a wide range of design options from fonts to covers, whoever receives your Keepster book will fall head-over-heels for how wonderfully you it is. The gift isn’t the recipient’s alone, though, as the process is fun and nostalgic for the creator too. Take a look back on all of the digital ingredients of your romance, whether that’s date logistics, late-night musings, the ‘I Miss You’s, you’ll be able to search months and years of texts by date, sender, and the like. After all, romance isn’t dead in a digital age, it’s just online.



If your person is a novel fanatic, they can read the history of your Romeo and Juliet romance, dive into the narrative of your Zelda and F. Scott love affair. If they aren’t as bookish, then let the visuals tell your love story, with all of the back and forth pictures throughout the years collected in one place. You can also wield the (virtual) pen and unleash your inner writer! You’ve got a whole page to compose your dedication. Jot down a few lines, or even a dedicated short story if you really want to flex those muscles. If you’ve been looking for a way to pour your feelings onto paper, start with your opener, leading into the most heartfelt book you’ve ever given – one you’ve both already written.

Now don’t just take my word for it, try it on for size yourself! We’ve teamed up with Keepster to offer you an exclusive 25% off your first Keepster book. That is a Bookstr-only offer, people! What’s more, signing up to Keepster and downloading their app (which you can do here) is totally free! it’s also free to keep all your iPhone messages securely backed up (completely private) and create Keepster folders of special conversations, if you’d like. Then get your own Keepster book to have and to hold with 25% off.

Maybe you’re taking advantage of 2020’s enforced downtime to get ahead on bookish holiday gifting (we applaud you!), or you’ve got an anniversary coming up. Maybe you and your quarantine boo have just made it official. Either way, if you’re looking for a thoughtful, and truly original gift to send your favorite person, Keepster is the way to go.

The process is easy, the result is gorgeous, and your S/O is happy. It truly is a win/win situation.

All images via Keepster