Game of Thrones Pirates

Dastardly Pirates Ransack HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Treasure Trove

The seventh season of Game of Thrones, which ended on August 27th, was pirated 1.03 billion times as of September 3rd, according to a recent report by the anti-piracy analyst firm MUSO.


MUSO analysed the 1.03 billion illegal views by episode and file format. The episode breakdown suggests that more people watched Game of Thrones illegally this year than paid to see it on HBO.


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The season seven premiere broke its own viewership record with a total of 16.1 million legal viewers. However the number of people watching illegally? 187.4 million. Similar ratings were recorded for the finale, watched 16.5 million times, while being illegally streamed or downloaded 143.4 million times.


The Washington Post states the full piracy numbers, as reported by MUSO:


  • Episode one: 187,427,575
  • Episode two: 123,901,209
  • Episode three: 116,027,851
  • Episode four: 121,719,868
  • Episode five: 151,569,560
  • Episode six: 184,913,279
  • Episode seven: 143,393,804
  • All Episode Bundles — Season 7: 834,522


In 2010, the Directors Guild of America estimated the annual cost of global piracy to American companies to be $25 billion. This translated into 375,000 jobs lost each year, the organization claimed. 


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