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Daniel Radcliffe’s Reaction to Harry Potter Memes Is Epic

Daniel Radcliffe appeared on The Tonight Show this week to promote his upcoming play, The Lifespan of a Fact and, unsurprisingly, the conversation shifted to the actor’s popular role as Harry Potter. To Radcliffe’s surprise, and audiences delight, Jimmy Fallon educated the British actor on the hilarious Harry Potter-themed memes circulating social media and Radcliffe’s reaction was magical. 


While the Harry Potter star admitted that he doesn’t seek out Harry Potter memes on the internet, he has encountered a few over the years that made him laugh. Though the actor admitted that he didn’t initially feel “cool” playing the character, seeing the affection audiences had, and continue to have, for his character has shown him that he was indeed a cool character to play.  He admitted:


As a kid you’re just insecure at the age [and] I never felt cool at any point playing that character, [but] sort of these things go like no, people thought that was pretty cool and it’s nice.


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