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Customer Wins Bookstore in Raffle, Fulfilling Every Bookworm’s Dream

Have you ever had the magical dream of owning your own bookstore? Well, that dream has become a reality for Dutchman Ceisjan van Heerden after his name was drawn out of a hat in a raffle in which the winning prize was the ownership of a bookshop.


Originally from Holland, Heerden is now a resident in Wales where he became a regular customer of Bookends, a bookshop in Cardigan run by  Paul and Leila Morris. 


The husband and wife owned Bookends for four years but, due to health problems, they decided to take a step back and rather than selling it they chose to give it away.


“I thought about selling it, but I thought instead, let’s give someone an opportunity in life which they might not otherwise have had. The principle was to make sure the shop continues in good hands,” Morris told The Tivyside Advertiser.




Image via Bookends/Facebook


The couple then decided to raffle Bookends off to customers who spent £20 (roughly $26). Heerden was one of sixty customers who were eligible to enter the raffle.


“I love books and read a lot and just happened to be in the shop when a TV crew was here filming about Paul’s decision to raffle it off and I bought a ticket,” Heerden said


When he found out he was won the bookshop, Heerden said he was mostly shocked.


“I was so shocked when I heard I had won. It’s surreal and I had a coffee and a sit down to take it all in.”


Paul Morris said he was pleased that Heerden was the lucky winner, and that the experience of handing off the bookshop into new hands has been a positive one. 


We had a really good response raffling off the business and people have come in to the shop to compliment us for what we are doing. There has been no negative feedback and hopefully this will give someone a chance to establish themselves and the shop will thrive and be here for many years to come…It’s just so nice to be able to give something back to the community.



Feature image via The Tivyside Advertiser