Crossed: The Most Brutal Comics You’ve Never Heard Of

And when I say brutal, I mean it. I don’t think I can possibly stress any more strongly how violent and twisted the Crossed comic book series is. Having been written and illustrated by rotating creative teams since its debut in 2008, the franchise has spawned an underground following which has fallen in love with its excessive gore and cynical themes.

Rather than telling a single story, each issue of Crossed follows a different group trying to survive a worldwide pandemic that causes the infected victims to carry out their most evil of urges, which included but are not limited to (CONTENT WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING) cannibalism, rape, torture, self-mutilation, pedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia, all of which they commit only for the grim satisfaction.


Image via League of Comic Geeks


Like in most zombie-esque survival horrors, the virus is only spread through bodily fluids, and the amount of time it takes for the victims to turn vary wildly, in some issues it happening in a few minutes while in others we can observe the transition taking several days. What’s consistent, though, is that every one of them develops an oozing, seeping red rash across their faces, incidentally, in the shape of a cross, hence the name.

There have so far been eight volumes released: Crossed, Crossed: Family Values, Crossed: 3D, Crossed: Psychopaths, Crossed: Badlands, Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Crossed: Dead or Alive and Crossed: 100+, all of which can be easily found free online. So if you’re one who activity seeks out the most morbid and depraved tales that humanity has to offer, look no further! In a world where a virus unleashes the darkest, most psychotic instincts ever found in man, the survivors must learn what makes a human.


featured image via goodreads// tv tropes